Monday, January 28, 2008


For my dear friend J.

Dear Mark Mothersbaugh,

Like, I know you're a fucking genius and everything. But with all due respect (i.e. very little, on this matter) just because you have iPhotobooth and stolen vintage photos, does not give you the right to publish a book. Well it does have a rad cover. And it's a good idear. Still, fuck you and your fat pug. There. I said it. (And I stole that from someone--can't recall whom....OMG David Spade! That sucks. I suck.)

your lover,
gracie o

Eskimohos! ♥ The music video was too gay (in a BAD way) to post. View it for yourcuteski self here:

This one is better (but no A. Wine) and more apropos:

ps. polevaulters!

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  1. making me pee and getting me to turn around my sweatshirt rightaways, on a regular basis. so much love tbsp.


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