Wednesday, January 30, 2008


we're all sadists
we're all masochists
all at the same time
all and nothing at all
we deprive deplete degenerate
we torture mutilate wring
pull on the heart strings
pick at each others scabs
the way we pick fights
throw up until you bleed
laugh until you cry
punch the ones you love
love the ones you punch
zip up that leather mask
you're in for a treat
when we're only tricking ourselves
dumb enough to believe
believe enough to dream
touch it taste it
just close enough
yet just out of reach
we're hurting
and hurting for hurting
hurting for you
your hurting for me
hurting me
hurting you
secretly loving it
while hating it simultaneously.


  1. <3

    it'll all work itself out in the wash G, i think dr. drew would agree with me.

    i'm not ready to rant and rave in public just yet, but you're inspiring.


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