Friday, January 25, 2008

Pussy holes.

Warning: Graphic content. But too late, because you're already looking at it. Scroll no further for the weak of heart & stomach. Adventurers, scroll on! My friend  Freu-- I mean, J called them "pussy holes." She really meant pus-like, pus-esque, pus-onic; but I'm glad she let'er slip! Caution! Quidado! Pussy Holes Ahead! Get'chur mind outta the guttah, you sicko.


Day no. 1

Day no. 2

Day no. 3

Nice flowers for nice coworkers.

edit: it was meant to say "Nice flowers FROM nice coworkers." sheesh, I do have few modest bones in this corpse of mine. I'm going to leave it because "for" also kinda works in a not so nice kind of way, however, just want to clarify.

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