Friday, January 25, 2008

Suck it.

I acquired one of these babies recently. It's totally awersome. (I'm not being paid by Dirt Devil- just 1 honest satisfied customer's testimonial) You can come try mine out if you want.

This one's a standup tall kind. I like it too, but it resembles a butt-plug TOO CLOSE for comfort! I'd be clenching my anus every time I vaccuumed, and that's no good. OMG! And what if I were to slip??? That would be hard to explain to Dr. Smalley at the ER.

Alright, enough posts for one morning. It's not even noon, shit. Well off to my hair appointment. I'll update bout the follicles later. As you can clearly see, I need to get back to work for sanity's sake. Wait, actually I feel much more creative and sentient. I take that back, work sucks the life blood out of me. If only as stylishly as the Kone. Le sigh.

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  1. Suck Me
    I've been DYING to have one of these since the premier of the commerical.. pink for me though.
    I might even clean something up?

    We'll we can't both look fabulous, it's either Me or the House!


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