Sunday, February 03, 2008

2 Things

No. 1: Comments. The best thing about livejournal was being able to comment back and have a wonderous conversation. I think, if you check that "email follow up comments" box, you'll be notified when I post a response. I think. But anyway, I am going to try to respond to most, if not all your comments, so check that box or check back, if you feel so inclined.

No. 2: My new favorite drink gave me diabetes last night.


  1. I hate that!
    you can't respond directly to the person that posted a comment!
    HATE IT!

  2. oh I forgot to check email follow up comments!

  3. I know!! That's what I miss about elgay the most! Let's see if this works... how are you today my lovely?

  4. doing GREAT! watching La Vie en Rose

  5. aw! that movie is in my netflix. i can't wait to watch it but i hate crying! so did this coment thing work? did you get notified??

  6. yes it worked! the movie was not really what I thought it would be but Marion Cotillard was AMAZING!

  7. I think I have a solution for you; Sugar Free Grenadine!

    Looking for alcohol free bourbon now...

  8. hb- hahahhaha, sf grenadine, diet sprite, alcohol free bourbon.
    bartenders will love me. i will bring all the ingredients with my in my balenciaga then need zombie crack juice [again] to mitigate the back pain. ayiyiyi...

  9. Eh, I think comments sections can get bogged down with direct conversations between commenters... if you have something to say to someone directly, just use the "@ so and so:" convention.

    It's a convention.


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