Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Burger MaNiA!

I love hamburgers & phones.

{this is a cheeseburger, technically.}

J: last year i was looking for a hamburger phone on ebay, as a joke gift and there were like 2 and then juno comes out and there's a million bazillion listings for juno hamburger phone
the hamburger phone makers should send diablo cody a basket of muffins and imported jams
you know some guy had a huge warehouse of them and was " aww crap, how am i gonna get rid of all these shitty phones"
me: no shit
me: why the fuck were you looking for hamburger phones you freak
J: because someone outbid me on the hamburger radio


  1. <3

    hopefully diablo cody will see this and send me a basket of imported hamburger phones.

  2. you deserve a basket full of hamburger phones and the world.


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