Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Fear and Self-Loathing in Las Vegas

Vegas was okay. I think I over hyped it in my mind. I hate it when that happens. When did I turn into such a huge windbag? I'm all talk, little-to-no rock. Sigh...

Five hours of laughing, then arguing with my parents later, we checked into our old people casino/hotel with a TRAIN theme{?!? WTF for 3 yr old boys?}. We freshened up a bit and caught a cab to Wolfgang Puck's at the MGM for dinner & to see our friend Paul, who works there. I had the butternut squash roasted duck ravioli, a pomegranate mojito, a chocolate souffle, a{nother} drunken irishman (bailey's, frangelico, coffee, whipped cream dream). R ordered bleu cheese potato chips and this fucking bombass pepperoni and real olives pizza.

A long trek, 2 well vodka drinks, and $25 later... it was show time. The crowd was super annoying. But it was cool to see Sarah in the flesh, even though the fleshier version looks, dresses, sounds the same as she does on tv. She had the sniffles, which I thought was cute. She kept having to blow her nose in the middle of her set. I was *this close* to screaming out for a tissue. It was fun, but we was so exhausted {r from driving, me from sleeping- all the way there & back} too tired for titty milk, even.

Dad not pictured:

My sniffly jewlover:
America, FUCK YEAH!
Humvees {fuck yeah!} & free sandwiches {fuck yeah!}


  1. How many of those t-shirts does she HAVE???? One for every number in the universe?

  2. Hahaha, her closet is full of # jerseys and cargo pants. She totally wants to eat your snatch.

  3. I just had a flash back!
    when we went to vegas two years ago I had to walk what it seems like 30 miles from the palms to our hotel in heels, at one point drunk of couse i took em' off
    YUCK! I had no choice, I couldn't take it anymore.....

  4. this is me reading your email on my crackberry in the lineup at starfucks X (YAAAAAAAAAY) X. haha wundertwinbearpaws activated. so so happy :D


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