Thursday, February 21, 2008


Aww, hell naw!

This morning I walked {ran} into our office's bathroom to find a shiny new tampon/maxi dispenser staring back at me. To my ♥'s discuntent, I immediately noticed that the white #s read 50¢.

FIFTY CENTS for a fucking tampon?!?

Inflation is out of cuntrol, Ben Shalom Bernanke! How am I supposed to feed my tampax habit? I'm, like, going to have to get a secunt job or take out a high interest loan! Half a dollar for a little stick of cotton to be gobbled up by a hole, is much too much! It's vagina robbery!

Back in myyyyyyyy day, tampons only cost 10¢. The price of a repossessed Harry Potter DVD! 25¢, at most. What's a gal to do? 75¢ for every $1 and now 50¢ of that must go to feed the old vajajay?

This just cun't be happening.

1 comment:

  1. that's when you roll up the toilet paper (wrap it multiple times around your flatened palm then roll it into a tampon shape) and stick it up there!
    stick the TP in your VAG!

    Tampons are FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I'll write that one on the stall walls at your office (oh! old office...tampon dissention?)

    ps- man the more I shout out the more disgusting you ralize I am..hmmmmm


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