Monday, February 11, 2008


I'm so crazy insatiable right now. All I can think about is shoving copious amounts of grub down my {tonsiless} esophagus. Like this weekend was madness. Pure madness. We'd just barely finish eating, be driving back from eating, and I was like, "Ooh Wendy's!" "Ooh Cracker Barrel! {wtf}" "Ooh Rosita's!" "Ooh Sushi Ken!" "Ooh Dunkin Donuts!" "Ooh this!" "Ooh that!" Face and slobbery mouth pressed against the window makin' hungry fog at 48mph. It was nuts. R was shocked and awed. Me want food. Plain and simple. Right and now. Me. Want. Food.
foodie o

{pms, much??}

edit 4:04: H agreed/enabled me to some Cheetos after more whining and crying from me. I spun around in my chair arms up all freddiemercurywearethechampions style mouthing, yeeeeeeeeahhh! cheetooooossssssssss! launched myself back into my cube from across the hallway & hightailed it out of here, (literally RAN-- color me embarrassed), leaving a cloud of dust and bobby pins, to the vending machine outside and hit B6B6B6 maniacally. The little golden bag fell down into my arms. I ran back inside to split the loot. Sharing makes me feel less bad. Now I'm revelling in my britbrit orange pixie dust opium den-- ahem, cubicle. Free basing orange cheese dust has never felt. So good, yet so bad, yet so so good.


  1. Cracker Barrel! that's when you know you got it bad <3

  2. No kidding!

    I crackerbarreled all ovah meh sheets!

  3. I have PMS, too, and I already ate 2 bags of Cadbury Mini Eggs! Easter is my FAVORITE candy holiday. (Everyone has a favorite candy holiday, right?) But I'm also really into: Curry flavored potato chips (baked not fried and really thin like baked Lays) from Archer Farms or Foods or whatever that brand they sell at Target is - they are AMAZING! And also cottage cheese with chives in it (but not the kind with pineapple in it, that tastes like shit), and Cedars' Artichoke/Kalamata Olive hummus - oh my god, I want to bathe in it. Can you tell I have MAJOR PMS???? FOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD


The divine PB&J in me, salutes the divine PB&J in you.