Friday, February 22, 2008

Now Playing: Vol. 1 No. 2 {Sports Edition}

JR: I didn't know you liked sports...
me: I don't, just Steve Nash.
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*Steve Nash is a motherfucking party monster!
*Mike D'Antoni has 3 first names
1) Mike 2) Dan 3) Toni
*The Celtics were/was(?) my favorite team growing up. I'd watch religiously with my grandmother {and entire fam}. I had a parakeet named Larry Bird {the other was named Tiffany, hey, c'mon, it was the 80s!}.
*Final score 85-77, Suns. Another crazy physical game.
*I was wrong about Shaq, aka Whaq [sic]. I think it was a good decision, after all. Can't wait to smoke Tim "I'm A Dirty Cheater" Duncan's ass in the finals.
*I think R gets worried when I hoot, holler and caterwaul at the television...
*Unsports related:
---> I fucking HATE Dennis Miller**
---> See you if & when I get back from VEGA$!

**Dennis Miller gobbles huge cocks because he cannot finish a joke without laughing at it/himself! Stop laughing at yourself! You are not funny! You are your own best and really, only, audience. I hate your dumb face, voice, and shit eating grin. Fuck you.

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  1. Yes! I've always thought this about Miller. Look up Dennis Miller and Douche on Google and you get sooo many hits! Ha ha ha.


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