Friday, February 22, 2008

Poll Smoker: Vol. 1 No. 2

The results of the 2nd poll are in. Tim Gunn is the big weiner!!!

{no, I'm not calling TG a poll smoker}

Who is the hotter Silver Fox?

55% of you resoundingly went gaga for Tim Gunn.

00% of you cold hearted bitches voted for Poor Dr. Drew.

22% thinks Keith Olbermann is a hot piece of ass.

22% wants to do Anderson in the Pooper.

Thanks to all who voted on this important issue. This was fun! I accidentally deleted the first poll before I could report the results for "What do you think about my new blob?" A few thought it was "incorrigible," some thought it was "hilarial," but no one voted "boring," so that's a huge win in my book!

Stay tuned and make sure to vote for your favorite magazine editor!


  1. dr. drew is A+++. crack smokers, all of you.

  2. OMG!!!
    thank the good lord I missed this poll.... CHOOSE between Tim Gunn and Dr. Drew !?!??!?! R U F'n Kidding me? man.... even with a gun to my head, I just couldn't...although Dr. Drew IS a passionate, passionate man.


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