Wednesday, February 20, 2008


First thing's first, this watermark is fucking ridiculous!

Second, my mom♥ and I were in a single staller at the ENT and I went to place the cover on the seat like I've always had... you know flap in the back... as pictured, if facing the toilet. And my mom was like, "No, turn it the other way. That way the flap covers that nasty little opening in the front and it's less likely to slip in."

My mind was blown! Of course! YES! That makes PERFECT sense! I was humbled and bewildered that I was going about it ALL WRONG for so long. But now I know, and knowing really is half the battle. I've been missing out.


Question for you, dear readers, buds:
Is this a common sense/knowledge thing? I'd always just assumed that the flap goes in the back. Please try this next time ...unless you're already rocking this method!

Mother is always right.


  1. I tear the middle out so it doesn't wick up the toilet water.

  2. Ok, so I'm REALLY about to BLOW YOUR MIND on this one...

    I don't USE one (seat cover). WHY? you ask...

    1.because there is no disease on record ever contacted from sitting on a toilet seat
    2. Pee is sterile.

    now i know this is OUTRAGEOUS to some.. but it's not like I sit on the pee... I wipe it down.. but heres MY platform.. and its a BIG ONE.. Adam Carolla it is and EVERYBODY needs to get behind it or it will never work, i will preach this till the day I day (of disease caught from toilet seat).... in 1 phrase:

    Please remain seated during the entire performance.

    thats IT!!! if everyone SAT there would be NO PEE on the seat. no gimmicky BS paper seats. I Protest these seats as they are an insult to my, and ALL female intelligence!!!!!

    but if I did, yes your mom's thinking would be a good one.
    I like the "flap on the Pub Trap" trick. But I just spead eagle...

    Viva la Revolucion!!!!!!


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