Sunday, February 03, 2008

Stupor Tuesday is Coming!!


  1. Personally, I think voting based on gender or race is kind of retarded. Who one votes for should be based on their record and message, not what is between their legs or the colour of their skin. If Clinton wins the nomination I'll vote for McCain if he wins the Repub. nomination or the third party candidate. I cannot in good conscious vote for someone who is the typical jaded career politician who thinks the voting public is too stupid to remember the hypocrisy.

    Sorry, I had to get that out!

  2. I meant conscience! D'oh!

  3. thematryoshka2/3/08, 5:25 PM


  4. Noel, it's okay we can agree to disagree. i'm not purely voting for her because she's a woman. like, i wouldn't fucking vote for ann coulter (even though I'm fucking turning into her as each day passes. jkjk). we ALL vote for whomever we think has our best interests in mind. i will never vote for mccain because he's part of the fear mongering machine and he supports and wishes to continue the war. i respect him though, he has the balls to stand up for what he believes in. i was really disappointed when he bent over backwards for GWbush. esp after all the mudslinging in 2000. it really sunk it for me. anyway, i think hil will benefit me the most, that's why i'm voting for her. 75 cents to every dollar just ain't cutting it! < / end rant>

  5. thematryoshka--- pls tell me your first name again. i feel like an ahole.

    but yes, sister. yes.

  6. wrong on getting fucked with cancer. her healthcare would only cover basic check ups.

    i'd rather have the best person for the job rather than it be based on race or color.

  7. the best person being ron paul, of course.

  8. Joe Bloggs, hahahaha. race and color are the same sweetie darling.

    Ah-ha! spotted: an ulterior motive!

    ps. if it were obama v paul. i'd be for ronnie boy all the way.

  9. i respect him though, he has the balls to stand up for what he believes in.

    Bingo. I completely disagree with his support of the war, but at least the man believed in it and wasn't just supporting it to cater to the current political wind. The Repub. party HATES McCain, and he's completely opposed to the torture friendly policies that have become so popular as of late. I like that he's straight up. Mudslinging sucks, but what politician hasn't done that?
    I despise Hilary. I cannot stand being patronized and lied to, nor insincerity.
    And I think Obama has a lot of substance, and we need a President with a positive perspective after 8 years of disaster after disaster.

    I still <3 the Grace even if I hate your choice of candidate. ;)

  10. noel 5:40-- you misunderstood. I respected McCain back in 2000. I LOST ALL RESPECT for him when he took bush's cock up his ass for the past 8yrs.

  11. actually, just a mistype on thinking too fast. no ulterior motive. but, i wouldn't expect anything less from someone who votes on such ill informed rhetoric.


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