Monday, February 11, 2008

Triple Life Score


{thanks for the link, m!}

Dear J,

I want to play chocolate scrabble with you. Then proceed to eat the letters and look like we have shit on our faces. I promise I won't be a sore loser. I know you're going to open a can of whoop {soup}ass on moi.

Funny, true {sad} story. My dad's dad was in the nursing home and we'd buy him bulk chocolate bars from Costco. One day when we went to visit him, he had brown smears all over his face, around his mouth. We just thought, oh man, he's sure been hittin' the old chocobars hard. Upon closer inspection, it was feces.


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  1. yay! tbsp wunderpowers. scrabble bitches 4 life.


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