Wednesday, February 13, 2008

"What's with today, today?"

Today was a top drawer day. I came to the office and found this:


A fancy schmancy croissant from my colleague, H. H is my calorie fairie. She get's in real early and leaves sweet nothings on my desk. I love this woman. Dreams are made of raspberry cream cheese+chocolate+frosting.

It was beautiful outside. Ate lunch with new friend & potential client.
I broke into my reserve xmax rock candy stash, also from H. It was a 4:30 emergency.

Meg's birthday was last night. She basically rules.

Off to polish off my old-fashioned {CHEERS!}, then huff some rubber cement & bed.


  1. I got to my desk this morning and had a rose&candy from one co-worker, m&ms in a platic heart box from another & a small box of chocolates from another! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ME!

  2. You are bloody gorgeous!!!!

  3. Layers, chocolates! nice coworkers are the best best best. i need to be a nicer one :D

  4. thematryoshka-- thank you so much, but i feel pretty retarded most of the time.


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