Friday, February 15, 2008

Most depressing book ever. In the history of ever.

More depressing than Joan Didion. Hah!

"Hey, douchebag! 
You're depressed 
AND you're dumb!"

I walked past this remainder book at the bookstore for a week straight. $8.95 is still too expensive for an LOL. This free internets photos does the trick just fine, for my cheap ass.

Buck up, don't fuck up.


  1. AND you're poor. . .or you would be able to afford to hire a therapist. You basically don't have SHIT going for you. All this book should have inside it is Jack Kevorkian's home phone number.

  2. Hahahhaaha, my friend and I were saying,

    "Ch 7 how to kill yourself."
    "Ch 8 how to learn to not kill yourself."



  4. "More depressing than Joan Didion" -- the English-major nerd in yours truly loves and thanks you for this <3

  5. Awww, thanks for reading and commenting, L! I'm so glad you liked that!...but seriously, Year of Magical Thinking is the saddest thing I ever did read.

  6. W, thank you you are master of cool. i'm no longer drunk, now i'm hungover! and it's 5:30AM . fail.

  7. this may well be my favorite ever Gracie post!!!
    laughing so hard at this as i watch Undeclared with my roommate.
    thank you.

  8. Oh Lila, thanks so much for reading and liking. Totally true story. It taunted me everyday. Now the sale/remainder table is gone and it's ghost still lingers.


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