Thursday, March 20, 2008

fo' realios?!?

Dear Dearhearts,

Wow! Like thank you all for indulging me and reading my silly rants. I feel super humbled, outrageously honored, and very warm and fuzzylike inside, that you'd take time out of your awesome lives to stop by and read. Jeff C. threw me for a loop on Monday night, when he said he liked to read wool&misc. I'm always surprised/shocked/awed when someone tells me they read this blob.

Late last night, as I waited for the sleepytimedrugs to churn through my system, I trolled my favorite haunts on the web. I pooped [sic!] over to and to my elation found the raddest shout out from one of my most favorite bloggers ever, the whipsmart & gorgeous Ms. Ellen Hart.

I've been lurking her writing for a couple of years now, and I had to rub my eyes a couple times to make sure I was seeing straight ...or if it was just the drugs. Not only did she call this shambolic mess one of her favorites, but also had me on her blog roll! This totally made my night! This morning I awoke wondering if I'd dreamt it all up, but alas, it's still there! Check her and her buds out.
"One of my favorite blogs, wool gathering and miscellany, reminded me that I need to give thanks." -Ellen Hart
I'm as stoked as a firepit in Antarctica with marshmallows a roastin' right now.

ps. Hey Ellen! I think our chihuahuas should meet!


  1. No, YOU are famous!!

    Cynthia Rowley reads your bloggg!!! We're really going places darling ;)


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