Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wild Wild West 2K8

Much wild wild west fun was had when we went to watch r's mom and stepdad {aka Magnum, because he looks like Magnum P.I.} compete in cowboy mounted shooting. The CMSA's motto is "RAW HORSEPOWER, HARD RIDIN', STRAIGHT SHOOTIN." I think that pretty much sums it up.

I tried to scrounge up my best western outfit for the day. [Sidebar: comprised of, gap plaid shirt, proenza schouler for target jeans, hermes belt, vintage rabbit fur vest, marc by marc jacobs purse and hunter boots. damn peacoat ruined it...so goddamned cold!]

Completely out of character, I rode Ace the horse around...
Magnum & me!
Ace turned out to be too slow and a bit lame... so I ate him! Hey, Chinese people eat EVERYTHING. Speaking of, assless chaps are also known as chinks!
{ma.ma.qi.ma, ma.man. ma.ma.ma.ma.}


gracie o

PS. Spiderdog!


  1. Lulz, dude you are too cute. The gelding your on even kinda looks like The Mare. I made the first pic of you on horseback my desktop. : )

  2. OMG! where did you get that leg? It's like ren faire MAGNIFICENT!
    I like how its pictured between the dog and the horse.. cause really you could go either way with that one...
    although you referred to the horse.
    mmmmmm yummmy!



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