Friday, May 16, 2008

I miss you. I miss me.

Woah, holy hell there are a lot of cobwebs up in here. Also a lot of cobwebs in my brain lately, too. I thought I'd make an appearance before your forget about me forever and ever... and before the month of May is over.

Check out the stats for posts!

May (1)
April (4)
March (32)
February (44)
January (21)

Clearly, I was on crack in February, the fucking shortest month of the year.

What I really came here to say is:

I hope you all are doing as fine as a box of six piece chicken mcnuggets and a bottle of bollinger on a hotel floor. (aka doing fabulous and living the high life {in my book})

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The divine PB&J in me, salutes the divine PB&J in you.