Friday, May 16, 2008

T-Minus 1hr57mins

R called me from the corner of 4th Avenue at G Street in Anchorage today. I got to refresh and see him on the AlaskaCam while I was at my desk! Oh technology, you never cease to amaze me. I told him to wave his arms in the air. He did so and accidentally hailed a passing taxi. Hah!

Now I'm just anxiously waiting to go pick him up from the airport. I really miss my buddy when he's away for work. I used to relish in sleeping in the middle of the bed, parking in the middle of the garage, eating like shit, and staying up late. But all that shit makes me feel like shit.

More than anything I need stability, someone to gently remind me to get ready for bed when the clock hovers around 10 and someone to wake me up upon the third snooze button and grumble softly, "6:20." Someone to eat oatmeal out of coffee cups with, someone to drive off to work with and drive home from work to. Without it, it's all meaningless, for me.

I'm eternally grateful that R decided to be my someone and I'm just counting down the days, hours, minutes until he's back home curled up, warm and safe in bed.

I only stayed up late because I was putting off going to bed alone.


  1. Are you trying to make me bawl my eyes out? Well, consider yourself successful.


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