Saturday, June 14, 2008

Calling all Seattlites!

I'll be in Seattle for a conference next week. Call me if you'd like to go to the Adidas store and hoard Stella McCartney threads, oggle overpriced bullshit at Barney's, or eat ice cream down at the market. Johanna A., Jen J., Jenn T.?, Jessica G.-- I hope to see you, even for a minute!

I'm really excited to see my old coworker Kris. She convinced her university to send her to this conference as well! She moved to NYC before we could properly get to know each other. I think we would have been/will be/are great friends. See you soon, Kris! Maybe I'll bring my travel scrabble board, hah!

So long, sweaty 110F! Hellllooo perfect 68F!


  1. wait, whats a blogroll and how do i make it? bookmarks folder is sooo time consumeing / wrong

  2. See you soon GracieO.


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