Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Sometimes unbelievably fucked up shit happens.

Monterrey, Mexico

Street Meat

Phoenix, AZ

(5 miles from home)

“I'm not sure a lot of the drivers even realize they ran over the dismembered parts of the pedestrian."

"...the man was hit by at least five vehicles but it could be as many as 40."

{photos from r.}


  1. Dude, the Phoenix one is like very similar to what happened in Denver a month ago. At least the Denver moron only got hit once, although they did leave his body in the middle of the road uncovered to be oggled for two hours. Bleck

  2. omg read both articles, first thought that the first pic was photoshop... but uh, yeah. shit.

  3. hi azzumi! thanks for stopping by my blog!

    yeah, the photos are real.....real fucked up. makes your bad day pale in comparison, no?



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