Saturday, August 23, 2008


I joined the Fiber Arts Group at work. They meet every first Wednesday. These two old ladies, (one of whom is a total Kids in the Hall character, and the other is straight outta Best in Show) are super fucking stoked on me. They were kicking around the idear of knitting/crocheting helmet liners for our troops. I would much rather prefer to make a retarded dog sweater or a creepy stuffed animal or something. Ooh, that sounded mean.
Check out this adorable little deer that my friend Melinda's 15 yr old sister Mandy made!


  1. Is that the site where my Ryan got that half donkey/half monkey critter for me?

  2. yeahr, totally! i've been obsessed with the site ever since you showed it to me. someday i'll order one. i have a strange strong aversion to shopping online.


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