Wednesday, August 27, 2008

more glad game redux

I've been rather cantankerous lately. My sister from another mister, J, has reminded me again to count my blessings. I'm long overdue. So here's my list:

My mom reminding me that I should be nicer to people because even if I find them to be totally grating on my very last nerve. She enlightened me to the fact that they could be experiencing different stresses that I can't relate to. I'm going to make a Mozart concerto effort.
A teeth cleaning appointment on Friday {sounds weird, but I love going to the dentist}
Picking up R from PR tomorrow night, then spending the long weekend together. R calling from the territories to say that Chelsea ClinTON was wearing a Marimekko dress made out of the same fabric as his tie.

Weekend road trip to Tucson to see our best friend Zeke & the LAL dudes.
Dinner the night before with other buds, a record convention the next morning, and lunch at Feast. I'm so excited to eat there! I've heard so many amazing things about it!
My parents and grandparents for instilling me with good manners.
Popping my Pilate's cherry. I've found out that I have no such core. And my instructor is this ultra crunchy cutie lady that comes over and pushes on your feet.
Spying one of my college mentors at the gym. I padded quietly behind her, about to say hello, but she was enjoying such a sweet moment with her husband, I didn't want to interrupt. They had their pointer fingers hooked and were gazing into each others eyes, with ear-to-ear toothy smiles. It was just nice to see that she was still around ASU. I'll say hi next time and hope that R and I can be like that someday.
My bike has not been stolen or scrapped after I carelessly abandoned it on campus for a few months. I pumped up the tires and gave it a good pedal tonight. There's nothing I love more than aimlessly riding around at night.
My ever so lovely and super boss boss lady.
Receiving my first recruiter call today! I'm wanted! I can haz skillz? I realize these head hunters work on commission and cold call industry peeps all day, but it still makes my ego feel good. hah!
My endlessly patient and loving friends who still talk to me, even when I can be an evil cunt who drops off the face of the planet every now and again.
Lunch with my old boss tomorrow at artyfarty sandwich shop, Orange Table. When a restaurant has a myspace page...
Project Runway waiting for me to log off on the TIVO.
Chihuahuas on cheeseburgers
Consuming halved mini watermelons straight from the "bowl."
Summertime Monsoons
the Red Soxs blowing out those damn Yanks 11-3.
Finding my mind, esteem, voice, self, after losing it for a while.


  1. don't agree with that Yankees/Red Sox comment...

  2. Is that a dirrrrty picture on top?

  3. yes. an extremely pixelated painting of donuts.


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