Sunday, August 24, 2008

R&G's Beijing Olympic Recap in quotes:

  • "What's that stroke called?" "It's called the idiot stroke, because no one swims like that!" -on the men's butterfly 200m swim.
  • "I'm so sick of watching these uptight ecobitches." "Ecobitches?!?! Perfect." "Yeah, they're the ones that give you shitty looks at AssWholeFoods." -on the USA Women's beach volleyball team
  • "Shawn John." "The rapper?" "No, the gymnast." -on US gymnast Shawn Johnson
  • "Yeah, that one's a little cunty."-on US gymnast Nastia Lukin
  • "SNNNNARRFFF! *tear*" -on Shawn Johnson's gold medal win
  • "I've never heard of a Chinese person with a lisp!" -on SJ's coach Liang Chow
  • "Is that Borat's dad?" "Wahwahweewah!"-on the fucking nutcase that is Bella Karolyi
  • "Blac---yella don't crack." "They wouldn't be complaining if they were winning." -on the Chinese Women's gymnastic team age controversy
  • "God, what assholes!"-on Bob Costas and the rest of the commentators
  • "His tiny teeth bother me." -on Michael Phelps' intolerably small grill
  • "I love it when they throw up." -on the puddle of vomit at the 200m track and field finish line
  • "Back at the Bird's Nest..." "CHIRP CHIRP!" "I thought you hated birds?" "In practice, but I like them in theory." -on Herzog and DeMeuron's architectural masterpiece

ps. we've booked our November Beijing trip! I can't wait!

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  1. I feel the way you feel about birds. . .only with men.


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