Friday, May 30, 2008

Every family has one...

grace.o (3:26:23 PM): did i drunk dial myself last night?!?!
ryanstamen (3:26:31 PM): yes
grace.o (3:26:43 PM): wow. that's bad!
grace.o (3:27:04 PM): i just saw the missed call
grace.o (3:27:06 PM): :(
ryanstamen (3:27:18 PM): haha
ryanstamen (3:27:20 PM): oh well
OMG. I've become that person. The drunk uncle (aka drunkle), crazy aunt, etc. The past few of R's family's birthday parties, Christmases, New Year's, family gatherings, barbeques...I've been a touch [read: fucking] sloshed. 

Yikes. I'd better reel the party monster back a little, I'd hate to be emblazoned in my niece and nephew's memory as that crazy drunkle {draunt? it just doesn't have the same ring}.


  1. i am teaching finn to say " my auntie grace is a lush". <3

  2. But don't we all love the our drunkles? I mean, we hope they'll show up to liven up the party, right? At least I do.

    Just don't let anyone film you drunk eating a cheeseburger. No good can come from that.

  3. thanks for the encouragement!



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