Saturday, September 20, 2008

Red Hot Robot

Red Hot Robot is this super fucking cute toy store downtown. The owner is real nice and genuine. You can tell it's not rhetorical when he asks, "Hi, How are you?" I stopped in today to look for a large pink gloomy bear plush. Unfortunately, they're out of stock until x-mas. Ya hear that, Santa? However, they did have this hilarious Miso Hungry poster. I think I may need to go back and rescue it. This would look so adorable framed in a kitchen. For now I'll keep dreaming about the GB. I even made a polywhore in it's honor.


  1. that store looks awesome. LOVE the miso hungry poster and that pink dress that the chanel liptwig is wearing.

  2. it's marni. oh what i wouldn't give to have a closet full of marni and gloomy bears.

  3. Those fuckers, for two years I live in that horrible city PINING AWAY for Kid Robot, or Toy Tokyo, or at least some place besides Urban Outfitters that sells vinyl toys and nothing... now they open a good toy store? Too little, too late, Phoenix. If that is your real name.

  4. i know i know i know, but now you have NYC, jap crap galore and all you can drink sangria, you biatch.

    move back for me? and red hot robot? not a chance? didn't think so.

    love you!!!


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