Friday, September 19, 2008

Wormwood daydreams...

I went to my favorite sandwich shop today and saw some batshitcrazyass, uh shit. This obese transient looking man plops down on a picnic bench and proceeds to dump his overpriced drink from the holier-than-thou hipster coffee bar next door into his 7-11 Big Gulp cup. Then, he pulls out two popsicles from...I don't know where... and begins to push them off the stick and into his plastic cauldron. After this, he dumps 3-4 sugar packets into his drink and stirs the grotesque mixture with his hot pink straw. I'm inside the sandwich shop, mouth agape, staring in disbelief. I reach for my camera and try to covertly take a photo. It doesn't turn out and I'm too afraid that if I were to be spotted, I'd be systematically dismembered and buried in popsicle homeboy's basement. So alas, my shitty depiction will have to suffice.

{click to enlarge}


  1. "i'll take the iced 32 oz diabetic fruit punch latte please"

    you are an artist, tbsp.

  2. freakazoid. him, not you. you crack me up.

  3. Hey, you guys need to come to our NEW place for an absinthe party. I think you guys used our fountain last time, before King of Kong?

    ...and meet the PIGGIE BABIES!!


  4. you mean, before i passed out during king of kong?? haha. we'd love you! name the date!!

  5. don't worry sherri, i'm the freakazoid that fell head over heels for this monstrosity. most people/passerbys did even give popscicle homeboy a second look.


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