Wednesday, October 08, 2008


-can't resist picking that old scab. just let it be.

+my bicycle was fixed! a colleague's bud came by, picked it up, ordered a new/old wheel, spiffed it up, and dropped it back off 2 weeks later! i'm so grateful and happy. i promise never to neglect you again, old pal.

+went to see quintron and miss pussycat last night with my new girlcrushfriend, megan. she's ab fab and whip smart. probably one of the nicest people i've ever met. no exaggeration. i'm glad she invited me out. the show was fun, but i couldn't tell if what i was seeing was awesome and novel, or just another case of emperor's new pretentious hipster clothes. wonder showzen it was not, but i digress.

+been going to yoga during my lunch hour. it's super relaxing. i really like the instructor cum therapist. i'm even starting to be more content with my body after a gluttonous summer. i have creaky grandma bones and can barely bend, but i think, i'm getting better at it. i like feeling myself getting stronger and more physically fit. now that it's cooling off again, i look forward to canal bike rides and lunch time picnics.

+speaking of, i ate lunch outside today! EL FRESCO! some crazy dude who makes weird signs walked past in gray sweats and mouthed 'i love you.' i think i'm happiest when i'm outside.

+yesterday, j&k from work, sweet girls, and I went to get manicure/pedicures. primping a little bit always feels nice. i went with the darkest of all dark reddish purples, because "black nail polish is unprofessional." it totally looks black. whatever.

+got our passports back today! ready to take on the motherland and japan. i'm so looking forward to my 2 week vacation/november birthday extravaganza.

+while i was walking into the dry cleaners today, i saw a woman on a cell phone, plastic bags slung over her arms, scanning the brick ground for something. i walked past and just started searching with her. i didn't know what i was looking for... a contact lens? an earring? an earring! i spied with my little eye a shiny object and retrieved it for her. she beamed with gratitude and thanked me profusely. i bent down a second time and picked up the backing that was stuck in a crack. i swooped in and saved the day. not really really, but it did make me feel fuzzyish inside. she was happy, i was happy.

+r sending me a WAKE UP text this morning from baltimore after i unconsciously slapped off  my alarm with 3.5 hrs of shut eye under my belt. i totally would have/could have slept til noon. thanks, r!

-my closet is a trainwreck. it's a source of stress when i can't find what i need in the morning. i just can't seem to bring myself to organize it. i need a closet elf.

+drinking emergen-c out of wine glasses. it makes everything more fun.

all in all i feel like the luckiest girl the in world.


  1. i miss that guy with the signs! not as much as you, dear...

  2. lotta goodness in that post. emergen-c in wine glasses, hadn't thought of that idea. good one. and the hipster emperor's new clothes. just brilliant. and way to save the day earring finder. great post!

  3. thanks, sherridarling! i was about to delete this because it was too personal/too ramble-y.

    hope you and your boys had a nice weekend!

  4. jlg! i miss you too, honey!


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