Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"How embarrassing..."

It seems as though I'm not the only one living scenes out of Fight Club. However, in addition to condiments, we also have sugar free redbull, diet coke, rotten apples, orange cheese, and two bottles of sake (1 cooking grade, 1 drinking grade). I'm stricken down with envy whenever I open someone's fridge and it's packed with goodies, fresh produce, and a multitude of beverage options. It makes me want to move in- in secret, like a little frizzy raccoon. I think that a well stocked fridge is a mark of a good, cozy home. Clearly, I suck as a homemaker.
What's in your fridge???


  1. I love raccoons, and would still be friends with you if you were one. In fact, I would probably visit more to see if you were a talking raccoon and also you'd probably have fish.

  2. you always had the best stocked fridge. homemade perogis, those motherfucking icecream cone cone things, flavoured creamer...

  3. I never have drinks! They are too heavy to carry home from the grocery store and I never think to get them at the deli. I think all that's in my fridge is dog food.


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