Monday, October 27, 2008

Me, in a nutshell.

i very well could be suffering from mild narcolepsy (not to mention acute hypochondriacitis). i can't manage to surpass a posture of 50 degrees without falling deep down a rabbit hole and straight into REM sleep. it's a blessing and a curse. i never need sleep meds, but i need a foghorn of an alarm clock. i can and have fallen asleep anywhere, anytime. you name it. this has been happening all of my life. when i was 3, my dad took me horseback riding. He put me on his shoulders (hey, it was the 80s! safety was no thang back then) and i fell asleep, on him, him on the horse. when i was eighteen, i fell asleep driving once. i had made it about 15 miles when i came to, crashing into the car infront of me. i had no recollection of driving from mesa to tempe. scary. with that said, it's my bedtime. 
sleep tight!


  1. Hmmm. Have you ever seen a sleep doctor?

  2. no, i haven't! but maybe i should! i'd be afraid of what i might find out...

  3. That's such an awesome idea for a photo shoot. If I were in AZ, I would make you do one with me & in ridiculous places. I would make you sleep all over town. . . like I did when I lived there.


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