Tuesday, October 21, 2008

♥best week ever♥

this post is dedicated to megan, christy, joey, jenn, r...
Good things are happening:
♥ stuffed cowboy squirrel mail from jenn and her halloween wonderland up north.
♥ friday night r made an amazing dinner with new jap friends jun & natsuko.
♥ saturday night pizza/wine with melinda & a nice new haircut .
♥ sunday, the looney bin and lunch with my dad. i can't remember the last time we spent one-on-one time together. this breaks and warms my heart at the same time. i hope we can make this a regular occurrence, because we ain't got all the time in the world left.
♥ went to christy's sunday night, ate, drank, and played poker with her and her a-mazing parents. cutest family ever, you could tell they all really liked each other. like, as people, not just because they have to because their family. heartmelting. ohhh and christy painted me the most amazing strangers with candy painting. photos to come. thank you thank you. this gal is bursting with talent.
♥ monday morning, i received surprise "just because" flowers (the best kind) at the office after joking to r that the japs could bring me some martha stewart flowers and a new pair of shoes. he'd ordered them the week before. aw.
♥ went to the craft store during lunch and found pretty new yarns! take cover, you're going to get fucked up looking knitshit for xmas this year.
♥ monday night, finding bella's new pink puppia on the doorstep. she looks so good in it. thank you, megan for helping me choose a color!
♥ today, tuesday, i had lunch with sweet sweet megan. i forget how great it feels to have girl friends. i have so much fun that i never want it to end.
♥ tomorrow, wednesday, ms. johanna is visiting from seattle and we've a lunch date. i'm so excited to see her. she totally rescued my ass from boredom when i was at that conference back in april. she's bringing me one of her awesome necklaces ! woohoo!
wednesday night, we're going to see david sedaris !!!! i can't wait!!!! i'm going to pee my pants.
♥ thursday... perhaps my gphone will arrive? *crosses fingers*
♥ friday, lunch date with desiree (if you don't cancel, d! jk jk, you know i love you.)
♥ saturday, dinner & lots of wine with steven perhaps?
♥ sunday, my work is giving every employee 4 free admissions to the az science center! how nerdy. i've been wanting to go for a while now. i still have 2 passes up for grabs... anyone?
♥ whew! this has been a week for the record books. i'm so grateful for all the lovely people in my life. i should be pmsing and a crabapple, but i'm overwhelmed with warm fuzzies.

thank you!

photo via tiny unicorn 
G1 came!! Wooooo!


  1. So glad you are having such an amazing time. David Sedaris- is that tonight?! How awesome, I have missed him every time. Have a blast! p.s. fyi, tiger butter links have disappeared on the left side for some reason.

  2. yes tonight! he grew up in NC right?

    re: tiger butter, it always looks fine to me....weird?!

  3. Christyface!10/22/08, 7:34 PM



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