Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Michio @ ASU Tomorrow!

First Dick Dawkins , then David Sedaris , now Michio Kaku ?!
ASU, you're too good to me. You pay my bills and stretch my brain. I'm so excited {though not as excited as r}!
p.s. Stephen Motherfucking Hawking will be here in April. WTF.


  1. This comment is merely to celebrate that I've finally learned how to leave comments on your blog. "PB & J?" How cryptic! Oh, and I did the math on those invitations: $3000 for 100 invites = $30 each. Is it just my socioeconomic class, or is that expensive?

  2. Stephen Motherfucking Hawking will be here in April

    Grace.. Diceman and I MUST MUST MUST go with you, can you get us tickets, Brian will give you the money (need to make sure its not a school night, but shit, if it is he should be willing to skip it)

    Have Brian and Ryan set it up!!!!!!!!


  3. I would love to see Stephen Hawking...sorry to have to admit I don't even know who the other guy even is.

    I graduated from ASU, eventually. I was on the 10 year plan. Not going to tell you how cheap it was back then. They didn't make you mortgage your entire future to go to school there then. I'm gathering you work there?

    I worked in the engineering department for awhile - so log ago it was as a TYPIST, LOL.


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