Monday, December 22, 2008


This piece of paper is going to make me cry really hard one day, I just know it. When we asked my parents if they wanted us to bring anything back from China or Japan for them, my dad requested a couple pairs of old man/kung fu shoes. They didn't have a size on them, so I tried to measure his existing cloth shoe on my left forearm, "Right up to that mole. Yep, got it, dad."
A few days later, while en route to the airport, my mom unfurled this paper. She had traced my dad's shoe so that I could bring the sheet shopping with me and match up the size. I folded up the paper and tucked it into  the back pocket of my journal, where I knew it would be safe and sound. I patted it twice, swallowed back some salty wet ones, and hugged her good bye.


  1. you're a dearheart lady, i've told you before " i just love your dad ".

  2. haha, saturday night i went to watch the Suns game with him and brought over a beer... and he asked, "Is that a Flat Tire?" he's so cute it kills me.

  3. that just brought back some memories...
    when I was little and my dad would travel for work, we used to do the same thing!


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