Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fade into obscurity? Never!

Tears and snot were flowing after R showed me this video. Turkey dinner, anyone?

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  1. Do you think that Burberry scarf is from her spending spree?

  2. Someone put her out of her misery, already.

    Even McCain said he wouldn't endorse her run in 2012.

  3. Palin: get that turkey out of the shot. ***crew begins to carry off Palin*** NOT ME YOU IDIOTS!

  4. Man, that woman is such a fake bitch.
    I couldn't pay attention to most of what she was saying thanks to the guy shoveling that turkey into that slaughter hopper or whatever it was behind her. Thanks for the chuckles!

  5. Raina, yeah, probably, but you can tell she doesn't have a stylist anymore, her hair looks like shit!

  6. You said it, Erin. For reals about McCain?! I don't blame him since she tanked his campaign. Do you have any links to articles referring to this?

  7. Holy crap! Noel logged into blogger!! yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

    i fucking LOVE all that blood in the background and all over the guys pants. I hope they stick her into that thing next.

  8. EW! I hadnt seen the vid without the turkey being blurred out.. so much better.

    I LOVE THIS video, Keithy played it over and over and over all thanksgiving week, well all of MSNBC did.. but again, blurred.
    ps- I was watching, i dont know.. Bio or something the other day, and they blurred out a baby girls lady parts.. isnt that creepy? just the vag.. but super weird no?


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