Thursday, December 04, 2008

Guess who's coming to dinner?

...Bitsy, the M-I-L's little yorkie with a bladder control problem!

It's time for our per annum dog sit weekend extravaganza. I love it when the two little ones chase each other around. Sometimes I feel bad that Bella doesn't get as much snout-to-butt time as she used to when we lived in our old neighborhood. This will be good for her. Also, I think a diaper run to PetSmart is in store. 

Here's Bella giving us a dirty look when we made her join in on the diaper fun. She's thinking, "Hey! WTF?! I'm the good one that always shits in my box."

Travel photos to come! Hope you all (in the US) had a nice Thanksgiving holiday, so much to give thanks for, really.

{top photo by Noel}


  1. I'm thankful you are back! Hope you had fun.

  2. Dogs in diapers should be its own blog.

  3. YAY! the o'hottersons are back safe and sound. trip photos trip photos trip photos!

    i am so horrifed by the idea of dog diapers. do you have prewarmed dog butt wipes. does she get a shot of burt bees no talc talcum powder. is there a dog diaper genie for storing the foul mess. i'm rethinking the whole fur baby idea at this point.

  4. Those pictures are hilarious!

    And welcome back!

  5. thanks, s! it's fun to go away, but awesome to come home. :) hope you and your boys had a nice thanksgiving! (did you cut your hair?)

  6. raina, should you make it or shall i?? do you have any diaperdog photos?

  7. tbsp! trip photos to come, i'm not sure how to post and not bore everyone to death. i will need to do some severe editing as i've never filled up an entire memory card before! 600+ photos! eeks!

    as for dog diapers, it's mainly for piss, not shit (thank goodness) so no diaper genie needed. And it's like excited trickle puddles when it gets excited, or looked at. it's been doing this for the past 10 years! so it's not an old dog thing. it's a weirdo. we lucked out with bella.

    how are you? miiiisssssss you. take cover, my love!

  8. hiiiiii erin! thanks!!! i stayed up all night trying to catch up with design crisis. hehehe. hope you're swell!


  9. I have dog diaper photos (opens raincoat)...

  10. Your doggie is totally offended with the diaper. Hope she doesnt hold grudges...


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