Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Feature: Featured Blogs

Do you remember the first blog you've ever read? 

My first time was with the now defunct He was my boss' son. Still is, I presume. Anyway, she was so proud of her boy that she showed me his site. This was back in 2000? Not ancient history, but I'm forever a day late and a few dollars short. I think at this time I was still dicking around on a geocities page or some shit.

I remember thinking to myself, "Why the fuck is this dude posting photos of him and his girlfriend lying in bed?" I was perplexed by the lack of purpose these posts conveyed. "Why was he broadcasting the fact that driving in front of police cars made him nervous?!?" < insert self portrait of him in the car, with police cruisers in the background > I just didn't get it. "WHO CARES?!?" I thought to myself as I exed out of the screen.

But look at me now... I'm a blobbering fool. I know R doesn't get why I feel the need to expose myself to strangers. Perhaps emotional exhibitionism is a mental disorder. Or maybe it's a form of virtual existentialism...if a tree falls in a forest and there's no one there to twitter it, does it really exist? But my theory is that we're all just trying to make a meaningful connection in this uncertain, often times topsy-turvy, world we live in.

Goddamn, that was a tangent if there ever was one. I came here to say that I've added a shiny new feature: Featured Blogs! I'll rotate them occasionally (I won't commit to a schedule because I'm flaky like that), but here is where you can find the blogs I'm currently obsessed with. Honestly, I'm completely enamored with every single link on my blogroll, but I really loved how P & Jen have their "blog stalking" and "must reads" sections, respectively.

In summation, I'm so eternally grateful for all the amazing people & life long friends I've met through livejournal and this little blog here. I'm constantly blown away by the kindness and brilliance that is smattered across my screen on a daily basis.

Ok, ok, ok... enough rambling and sap, it's bedtime.

{drawing via natalie dee} 


  1. Oh wow - thank you so much for featuring me! I'm very touched. You are very sweet.

  2. Aww, thank YOU so much for your wonderful blog.



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