Thursday, December 11, 2008


I saw this little baby at the PetSmart on 24th & Baseline while I was stocking up on dog litter last night. I squeed with pure delight at the sight of his little cowlick/toupee/hairdo. I wanted to scoop him up and take him home with me so so so badly. Have you ever seen a cuter Guinea pig?? Unfortunately, I don't think R would've appreciated coming home from his business trip to find me with a rodent with a rockin' 'do chillin' on the the couch. 

Bella, shitting in a box, just cause:

Show me your pets!


  1. So weird.. i went to the Petsmart on Frank Lloyd Wright and Scottsdale, cause I just felt like looking at the babies (not getting my Dolly food there, they dont have it..tell R!).. and there was a black and white piggy- one with the EXACT cowlick!! that I was DYING to bring home.. again, did not because Diceman would make me take him back when he got home from school. it was like the cutest little whirl ever on the cutest little piggy!!!!!!!!
    I wonder if this is common or we just happened to have spoted them?
    this was just last Thurs night.

  2. I didn't know one could litter-train dogs. I tip my hat to you, Gracie O.

  3. I was going to say the same thing as Raina... litter training (and actually my cat uses the great outdoors as a litter box, courtesy of our fantastic pet door) has long been my argument for the superiority of cats over dogs.

    You may have single handedly nullified my argument. I am humbled.

  4. Your dog is so cute and now so smart - had no idea he was potty trained. We actually may be guinea pig sitting over the holidays for a neighbor. Those pictures of mr. hairdo are making me hope that becomes a reality.

  5. getitgetitgetitgetitgetitgetit!

  6. I tried to put their picture in this comment but it didn't work.
    Here are Gunner and Kiwi hiking this past summer!

    Hi Grace!

  7. dogs pooping = always hilarious. The look of intense concentration that they get on their faces cracks me up every time.

  8. I had two guinea pigs growing up. One had the same cowlicky coloring as your friend there. One of my piggies lived to be 9 years old. I think it's a record or something.

  9. @Bnutt- guinea pigs + real pigs? too much pig for one household. but that's amazing!

    @Raina- thanks! it's the only way to go. (plus we live in a condo)

    @Erin- OMG yes! Ms. Bell is the most independent dog ever, very catlike, yet no allergies or cold shoulders!

    @Sherri- thanks! she's pretty smaht. oh pls take photos of your petsitting if it comes true!

    @Lisa Hotdog- you enabler, you. you could sell ice to an eskimo!

    @Lena- heyyyyyyyyy! welcome to blogger! gun and ki are getting so big! i remember when they were just wee puppies. do you still have your ferrets?

    @TNF- the arc of the back, the sweat on the brow...

    @HG- no way! so it must be kind of common, then! 9 years?!? that's amazing. grandpa guinea pig.

  10. I put up a whole set of kitty photos on FB. Vicki said to ask you about Paris photos?

  11. wait i have never seen an animal with such a hair style.
    although keep walking...guinea pigs SUCK.

  12. paris? vicki is smoking crack! did she mean the china and japan photos in the slide show below?

  13. anna! too funny, r said i would get sick of the thing in like 3 days. i think he's right!

  14. ahem! pigs litter box train too!!
    real pigs- not guinea, I dont know about them.

    I went to petsmart again last night, and my cowlick piggy was gone :( good for him though.


  15. Yes, Vicki meant China and Japan, and come to think of it, that's actually what she said, and I am the one that's smoking crack.


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