Saturday, March 29, 2008


I got my retinal scan for work.
How 1984!

Leaf a good tip

This entry from Popserious reminded me to post this photo I took a while back whilst blogging from Lux. A nice little tattooed barista took the time & care to make me a leaf in my latte! I ain't never seen nothin' like it before!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Poll Smoker: Vol 1. No. 3: Who is your fave glossie editor?

The results of the 2nd poll are in!

Who is your fave glossie editor?

Vogue Paris' Carine Roitfeld is the big weiner with 50%

It's a tie between Elle cuties Joe Zee and my darling Kate Lanphear with 25%

Yet anthor tie betwix Vogue staples Grace Coddington and Anna Wintour with 12%

and a big fat 0% voted for Marvin Scott Jarrett of Nylon. Boohoo.

I realize that 50+25+25+12+12 does not =100, but people could vote more than once?

Stay tuned for the next riveting installment of poll smoker!

Friday, March 21, 2008

GUEST BLOBBER Vol. 2 No. 1: Pee Pee In Your Coke

Brandi Nuttall just emailed me this gem.
I had to pull my eyes for it to work.
I guess I'm not chinese enough. Try it!

"Chinese eye test

If you cannot decipher anything, then try pulling the corner of your eyes as if you were Chinese. It works Too FUNNY not to pass on!"


Happy Friday, y'all!

I think I'm going to make this gratitudes list a regular kind of thang, with it's own label and all. More often than not, I get too enbroiled in the minute little things that go haywire, but rarely take time to appreciate all the good. It's a nice reminder to be less of a selfish whiney twatwaffle and to be more grateful.
No. 1: I get to see my bestfriend after four lonely days & three lonely nights. Welcome home, r!
No. 2: My parents for being so super supportive of me through thick and thin. I've been watching a lot of basketball with my dad lately. The quality time has been really nice. I feel guilty, like I only spend time with them when r's out of town. I need to fix that and make a concerted effort to do it more. I think they think they're going to die soon. They're working on transferring the title of their house in to my brother's and my name. They've already have their grave set, paid for, all ready for move in! A little morbid, no? But best to be prepared. My mom got this a few years ago because she "didn't want to bother me with that kind of stuff."

No. 3: This print by Hazel Nicholls. I've been using it as my desktop background. Ahh, it's so hard for be to be a nice person sometimes. I'm trying to think before I speak or talk shit. I can be so negative, such a downer. I'm trying hard to think good thoughts and surround myself with positivity and positive energy whilst still retaining some snark, edge, and sarcasm. Rawr, such an interesting and difficult dichotomy! I need to cram some of these nice cookies down my piehole.
No. 4: Massages this weekend! Woohoo! I've been feeling so ragged and tense lately. I need a good rub out, a happy ending.

No. 5: Federal tax return mysteriously appearing in the checking account this morning! $$$, but no fun, it's just going toward cc debt. Our goal is to be credit card debt free this year! No more impulse buying shit you don't need with money you don't have! Fuck, it's a hard habit to break.
No. 6: Rediscovering my chop! I can't believe I don't use it more! My mom and dad got it made for me in Taiwan. It's carved out of pale green jade and has some kind of grasshoppahh on top. Will show later!
No. 7: My last day of work at my current job! See you monday, Biodesign!
No. 8: Receiving a baby photo in my inbox from a friend/client/former colleague who was a very highrisk pregnancy & breathing a major sigh of relief. Congrats on the new healthy little boy, J!!!
{this list will probably grow throughout the day!}

Have a wonderful weekend, dearhearts!

Black is the new black

"Researchers in New York reported this month that they have created a paper-thin material that absorbs 99.955 percent of the light that hits it, making it by far the darkest substance ever made

-- about 30 times as dark as the government's current standard for blackest black....The newest black -- which when held next to something conventionally black, such as a tuxedo jacket, is noticeably blacker -- reflects just 0.045 percent of visible light."

Full article here.

{card courtesy of amy}

Thursday, March 20, 2008

"Life is a series of commas, not periods."-Matthew McConaughey

Tales from an airport Hilton hotel bar in PA:

r(4:52:50 PM): ok back
r(4:53:01 PM): Matthew McConehey was there
r(4:53:07 PM): silly
g(4:53:31 PM): did he have a shirt on?
r(4:53:35 PM): haha
r(4:53:35 PM): yes
g(4:53:49 PM): a christmax miracle!
r(4:54:31 PM): poiche!

5 mins later, his admin asked him he same thing. Gawker Stalker, anyone?


fo' realios?!?

Dear Dearhearts,

Wow! Like thank you all for indulging me and reading my silly rants. I feel super humbled, outrageously honored, and very warm and fuzzylike inside, that you'd take time out of your awesome lives to stop by and read. Jeff C. threw me for a loop on Monday night, when he said he liked to read wool&misc. I'm always surprised/shocked/awed when someone tells me they read this blob.

Late last night, as I waited for the sleepytimedrugs to churn through my system, I trolled my favorite haunts on the web. I pooped [sic!] over to and to my elation found the raddest shout out from one of my most favorite bloggers ever, the whipsmart & gorgeous Ms. Ellen Hart.

I've been lurking her writing for a couple of years now, and I had to rub my eyes a couple times to make sure I was seeing straight ...or if it was just the drugs. Not only did she call this shambolic mess one of her favorites, but also had me on her blog roll! This totally made my night! This morning I awoke wondering if I'd dreamt it all up, but alas, it's still there! Check her and her buds out.
"One of my favorite blogs, wool gathering and miscellany, reminded me that I need to give thanks." -Ellen Hart
I'm as stoked as a firepit in Antarctica with marshmallows a roastin' right now.

ps. Hey Ellen! I think our chihuahuas should meet!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Full of it.

I covet this necklace.

A sight for your sore eyes...

ganked from Sew Occupied


Bella & Tank, the bebe Great Dane

friedays + Petsmart= take your furballs to work day= FUN!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Wild Wild West 2K8

Much wild wild west fun was had when we went to watch r's mom and stepdad {aka Magnum, because he looks like Magnum P.I.} compete in cowboy mounted shooting. The CMSA's motto is "RAW HORSEPOWER, HARD RIDIN', STRAIGHT SHOOTIN." I think that pretty much sums it up.

I tried to scrounge up my best western outfit for the day. [Sidebar: comprised of, gap plaid shirt, proenza schouler for target jeans, hermes belt, vintage rabbit fur vest, marc by marc jacobs purse and hunter boots. damn peacoat ruined goddamned cold!]

Completely out of character, I rode Ace the horse around...
Magnum & me!
Ace turned out to be too slow and a bit lame... so I ate him! Hey, Chinese people eat EVERYTHING. Speaking of, assless chaps are also known as chinks!


gracie o

PS. Spiderdog!

Looking forward to:

{the brickhouse. phx az}

Friday, March 14, 2008

Ganked: Gratitudes...3.14.08

My dear J linked me to this blog by an uber ultra girlie shopgirl making lists of things she's grateful for. I'm ganking this idear and making a list of my own on this gorgeous Frieday afternoon.
No. 1. All the beautiful supportive people in my life, thank you my dear friends, for i am nothing but lost without your love and loveliness.

No. 2. The gorgeous weather outside, the warm sun browning my skin, the breeze blowing orange blossom scented air up my nostrils.

No. 3. My body getting stronger, being healthy and able lift more, bike faster, run farther.

No. 4. r for sending me this photo and for everything else:

No. 5. My rusty old bromleigh and the beautiful places it carries me:

No. 6. My hair appointment this afternoon and dinner with Melinda afterward. I'm scraggly and grey i need to be groomed!

No. 7. New Augusten Burroughs book coming out on the 24th! {thanks, k}

No. 8. Custom blushpink ultrasuede curtains for our bedroom being handmade/crafted right this moment.

No. 9. My new job which starts in 10 days, 240 hours, 14,400 mins, 864,000 seconds ...but who's counting anyway? J, aka polywhorefairy, made this for me!

Happy Frieday, dearhearts! Thank you for being a part of my life.

Check this out!

For all you SINKS & DINKS!

{Single Income No Kids & Double Income No Kids}

Thursday, March 13, 2008


Me Likey:

I ♥ this neverendingstoryesque photo by Helena Kvarnstrom.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

A little France Gall for your Wednesday morning...

R turned me on to this little sweetie, enjoy!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Monochromes

I lovelovelove the idea of a self-imposed uniform. If I had the discipline I'd do it too. But probably with all black, how boring and predictable {I'm almost there}.

Fridays of yore:

*steven has amazing treasures

*lesbian pool party, dancehall w/ yellowman, rapping autistic mormoms

*wine, champage, more fine wine

*cheese and crackers more cheese and chocolate and miniature waffles

*rush, sabbath on vertigo

*sent home with a box full of taschen design books, rare french & black sabbath vinyl

*it's always a good time at stevenrudy's

*r has amazing buds that he's been kind enough to share with me; for this i am grateful.

rudedog, rudy

Tampon Haiku:

Once I was wearing
a tampon and nothing else.
Then out of nowhere,

Bella jumps up and
tries to bite the hanging string.
True story, the end.

Monday, March 10, 2008


I've been severely missing my grandparents as of late. They've been fluttering in and out of my reveries as if they had never left. The dreams feel like real life and I'm crushed to wake up and find out that they're gone for good, for good goods. I've never been great at dealing with death, or with anything really. It may appear as callous at first, but it may just be a delayed reaction. 14 years and 4 years after my grandmother's demise of lung cancer and my grandfather's ticker wearing out, respectively, I think I'm finally in mourning. Or just feeling nostalgic. I don't know. I can't tell.

When I harp on the little things, my mom says, "Oh god, you are just like your grandmother." When I smile she says, "You got your dimples from your grandpa." Remnants of the people who helped raise me linger in many forms. They slept in separate twin beds in a smoke filled room down the hall from me growing up, but now that hallway just keeps longer and longer like salt water taffy or a twisted Vincent Price number, hazy, at best.

My grandmother suffered from severe depression. She could barely function. After I was born, she had some sort of awakening a la DiNero. They called me, "Dr." because my presence seemed to cure her. Me=Robin Williams. She was a funny, staunch, brilliant woman. I wish I could remember her better. She spoilt me with love and affection. This anecdote is going to sound really fucking weird (yet seemed totally normal at the time), but I'll go for it anyway, because it really happened. I'd bust in from playing outside in the snow and with icicles for hands and feet. She would open her shirt and lift up her toasty flapjack milkfed-four-kids teets and drape them over my frozen little feets. Now if that ain't altruistic, then I don't know what is.

Grandpa was kind of a pistol, Lothario extraordinaire. He had a girlfriend up until his late 80s. My mom once recanted that she walked in on my grandpa humping their nanny in the pantry. Maybe that's why grandma was so depressed. It's all beginning to make sense now. During the communist takeover, he chartered the last commercial flight out of China and purchased tickets for all of his friends and family. Generous to the max. As the ultimate alpha male, all the other males in my family (father, uncles, brother) hated him. He treated them with a vicious backhand, but doted unfairly and superfluously on the females. My mom and I were the lucky beneficiaries. Grandpa served as my primary father figure when my dad moved back to Taiwan for work when I was 11. In hindsight, I'm thankful that the patriarchal void was filled.

Frank & Chu-Mei Liang

Friday, March 07, 2008

Retarded frog fish + Buttsex

Last night, B&B, R&I attended the
Richard Dawkins lecture at ASU Gammage.


He called god a 747...

...and me a little chink.

Smarty McSilverfoxerson!