Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Additional Resolutions:

1. Work on posture. Most days I look like Quasimodo hunched over my desk. This is not very becoming of a young woman. Especially being of Sinic descent there is a strong likelihood that my spine will shrivel, leaving a rounded four foot heap of what used to be a person.

2. Remember people's names! I'm so horrible at it. I can meet someone and 2 seconds later not have the faintest. There have been situations where I've known the person for years and years, far too long to ask a name. For shame. I resolve to be better, maybe this video will help!

{Video removed, could not stand looking at that guy's mug an longer}
Communication Skills:How To Remember People's Names


  1. My posture is terrible as well. In some of my wedding photos im hunched over. UGHHH.

  2. I used to take kung fu and I had AWESOME posture, but now I am just a lazy, degenerate slob incapable of standing straight for even a second.

  3. Elisa,

    Let's both pretend we're pulling imaginary strings that are coming out of the top of our heads (as Tim Gunn would say).

    Good luck to you.


  4. Erin,

    HOLY SHIT!?!? You were a kung fu master?!?

  5. Thanks for your super kind words. I'm loving woolgathering and miscellany.

    Of course, who wouldn't?


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