Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Going, going, gone.

I want to go somewhere.
Fly over an ocean.
Be scared that I might crash
and splatter into
a billion pieces
across a rocky mountain range.
I want my hands
to smell like unfamiliar
airplane soap.
I want a brick
of airplane food
to thump in my stomach.
I want to eat
that processed dessert
even though
I'm already full.
I want my ears to itch
under headphones
while my eyes
twitch at a movie
that I never wanted to see

Instead we'll sail through the desert, to Tucson, to see Neil Hamburger . And that ain't so bad.


  1. I've been to Tucson once and enjoyed it immensely.

  2. The luggage set from Darjeeling Express was the best part of the movie.

    Never been to Tuscon, but it seems like it would be loverly.

  3. awww lucky. worst comedian ever haha. love you <3

  4. @Raina: Come baaack!

    @Erin: I know right? I'm sure you know it's MJ for LV already.

    @TBSP: Should be fun fun fun.

    @Lisa: So do we! He's a good friend and actually performed at our wedding reception. You should totes book him for yours and Pauly's.

    xoxo guys!!

  5. You had a comedian perform at your wedding reception?

    Sweet Jesus, I didn't think I could love you any more.

    But now I do.

  6. I second that. Comedy at the reception. By Neil Hamburger? If you weren't already hitched, I might propose.


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