Monday, January 26, 2009

Oh shit, I almost forgot...

Happy Chinese New Year!

I'm a poor excuse for a Chinese person. 
Can't do math, can't play violin...


  1. Yeah, but we still love ya.

  2. But can you make dumplings? I made the saddest, ugliest dumplings in the world for Chinese New Year, with the help of my Chinese BFF. She can't do math or play violin, either (despite the requisite lessons), but she's artsy like you.

  3. Honest to god or Buddha :-) You know, I came over here yesterday looking for the poop on C.N.Y. and bupkis.

    Violin is overrated.

    And you are adorable.

  4. thanks, raina.

    aww shucks, maria.

    can't make 'em either, erin. but my mom's are to die for!

    HG, really? sorry to disappoint! and thanks!


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