Thursday, January 01, 2009

Happy New Year!

My buddy gave me some good advice last year when I was makin' my list and checkin' it twice. She said that I should breakdown my goals into concrete, quantifiable plans of action. Here's to 2009! Cheers!


  • Increase good karma ---SEMI FAILED
  • Smile at strangers--- FORGOT
  • Actually use my smug canvas shopping bags--- ONLY FOR GROCERIES
  • Read 9 books---FAILED DUE TO GRAD SCHOOL
  • Get straight A's---NOPERS
  • Write 4 letters per month---YEAH!
  • Make 9 recipes---FAIL
  • Pay off credit cards (w/student loans, does that even count?!)
  • Wear matching underwear---MADE IT LIKE 1 WEEK IN
  • Walk the dog every night--- SEE ABOVE
  • Make (or buy handmade) presents---FAIL
  • Remember birthdays with cards/phone calls [no texts]---FAIL MISERABLY
  • Get back into an exercise routine---SEMI FAIL, THEN MEGA FAIL
  • Keep a daily journal, as inspired by Treats&Treasures. Maybe in one of these snazzy babies: -------BLERG!!

  • Be more gracious 
  • Spend more time with parents See 'em (almost) every day!
  • Be a better friend/wife Made new friends!
  • Be a better penpal
  • Try to read a book per month
  • Really learn how to cook
  • Continue with the exercise routine
  • Take the GRE Took the GMAT (twice!); got into grad school!
  • Get promoted Got a sweet new job! 
  • Pay off credit card debt and don't incur any more!***
  • Lame, this is pretty much last year's list rehashed.  ***Fucking forgot the most important one!


  1. That is a very impressive list. I like "smile at strangers" best. High impact, good for karma, etc.

    Happy New Year, my sweet!

  2. Happy New Year, darlin'. Cheers! xo

  3. i'm gonna jack some of your resolutions.
    except the four letters a month one. i think you've underestimated being a pen pal. it's some tough shit.

  4. Thanks, P! I may even throw in a "hello" or "lovely day, isn't it?" every now and again.

    Happy new year to you and Mr. Fauxhawk, too!

  5. HG! May all your wildest dreams come true in 2009!


  6. oh anna, i used to write like ~10+ letters/mo. i slipped out of it... just got too "busy." but i think 4 is a nice reasonable number. good luck, we can help keep each other on track!

    happy new year!

  7. I love that you may throw in, "lovely day isn't it?" looks like you did pretty kickass on last year's resolutions as well. I am still working on my non-tiger butter, (less-humorous/entertaining list of goals...)


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