Friday, January 02, 2009

I love you but...

I catch myself doing this more than I'm comfortable with. I've also been called out twice and let me tell you, it's super embarrassing.
Whenever I hear this, every cell in my body tightens and cringes. However, I never seem to have the nerve to correct the speaker.

{via Cup of Jo }


  1. G

    This is sorta like the idea/vision I have of the pictures I want to do with you... just totally different.
    remember I was telling you... like computer decoupage


  2. My fave is "supposably."

  3. Gah. "Supposably" is so so horrible.

    You should hear my boss at work - she is the worst EVER! You would think she were foreign, but she's just white trash. Everything we work on has "pitchers" on it, so I get to hear that word about 20 times a day. My coworker & I always say we need to start writing some of this shit down because she is unknowingly hilarious. "In my expertise opinion" is also a good one.

  4. Someone needs to draw these:

    I love you but, I hate your feet.

    I love you but, sometimes you have horrible B.O.

    I love you but, you really need to trim your nose/ear/back/shoulder hair.

    I love you but, you're a Republican.

    I love you but, you're not as smart as I am.


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