Thursday, January 08, 2009

Morocco Mama


  1. Oh shit, she was too cool. The apple didn't fall far.

    The photos I have of my mother around that same time are of her sitting on the picnic table in the backyard being a passive-aggressive bitch to the neighbors and yelling at my father. Oh, the glamour.

  2. I love that your mom is wearing a fur coat in Morocco. Gotta respect a lady that takes her fashion seriously.

  3. hey raina!

    garsh, thanks! i wish i had half of style & cool. so. funny about your mom. i've a great mental picture.

    my mom was a stewardess for china airlines back the the 60s and go to see the world. lucky!

    hope you have a lovely weekend,

  4. hi erin!

    she had some amazing threads. it's a travesty that she didn't keep any of it. well, i do have one coat and a couple of scarves, but that's it. save your clothes for your daughter (if you have a girl) fashion is cyclical!

    a few more photos here:

  5. ohh DANG> these are like insanely inspirational. what a mom!

  6. too cool. Old photos of my parents are some of my favorite things. They weren't quite as well-traveled as your fabulous mom, but they were pretty god damn hip... ;)


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