Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Did I mention it was 80°F [26.6°C] today? 
Don't worry cold weather birdies, 
I'll be choking on these words come summer.


  1. Same here in Austin. Can't wait for the halcyon months of 105+ weather... wheee!!!

  2. Doodz, we've had two 70+ degree days and today it's in the 60's thanks to that wind coming from your direction. YAY! Did you ride your bike?

  3. @Erin: hot & humid, yipes. I can't handle humidity.

    @bixa: That's awesome! I've been thinking about you guys... glad you aren't buried in snow! I didn't ride unfortunately. I wanted to (hence, the photo)... it would've perfect!!!

  4. **NerF here, I moved my ass over to a new blog**

    ugh. It's 27 here today. And basically will be until March.


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