Tuesday, February 24, 2009

2 Things:

Two things that make me infinitely sad:

1. The horse --more of a pony, really—that resides in a small fenced field across the road from our house.

He is all by his lonesome and just mopes about and grazing the day away. His fur is thick and unkempt. His hooves are overgrown and tilt upwards. No show pony for sure, but not exactly to the point of Animal Cops either. The only items to keep him company are patches of clovers and an old tin shack whose roof is slowly slipping off.
He is the epitome of loneliness. It kills me to watch him watching the pair of white horses and the family of goats carousing across the road. It feels as though they’re taunting him with their happiness.

After a picnic a few days ago, we strolled back on the goat side, gazing into their creepy looking eyes as the greeted us at the fence. We looked to our left and saw the pony staring at us. He was following along the fence as we walked, almost beckoning us. Our hearts heavy and sore, we crossed the street. He trotted up to us and began nuzzling this face into our hands.

Up close I was surprised to see that he was a lot smaller than he appeared from inside of a whizzing car. It also struck me that he had one blue eye and one brown eye, like dogs often do, or like my childhood friend's mother. I couldn’t help but wonder about his story. Did he once belong to a little girl who had wished girlish wishes of owning her own pony? Did she love him to pieces and braid his mane while showering him with hugs and kisses? Did her visits gradually become fewer and further between as her interests shifted from ponies to boys?

If I was a better person I would buy some carrots and/or apples and feed them to the little guy while scratching his ears. But what if he has an allergy to carrots and/or apples and he gets really sick? What if the owner sees me and gets mad?

2. Watching people run after the bus and missing it. 

Oh, the disappointment on their faces is crushing. So sad, as their momentum slows to a slump as they struggle to catch their breath and check their watch. I can’t help but wonder about where they were headed. Are they going in the same direction as me? Will they be in trouble for being late? Did they forget to set their alarm clock this morning or did they have a sick child/parent they were tending to before realizing that it was already half past half past?

If I was a better person I would pull over to the side of the road and offer the poor soul a ride. But what if he or she was going clear to the other side of town? What if he or she was a demented serial killer who wanted to skin me and throw me into a pit?

I think I’ll take my chances and feed the horse

What strange things makes you sad?
photo by jeremy blake 
(who also makes me sad)


  1. Everything... humanity.

    Yep, buy an apple; nothing's allergic to apples.

  2. "His hooves are overgrown and tilt upwards"
    Actually, that's evidence of SEVERE neglect. I'm willing to bet the poor thing is full of womrs too. Honestly, I'd call the ASPCA. Also, can you see ribs? Horses are social animals and shouldn't be kept out alone.

  3. Christyface!2/24/09, 6:03 PM

    Does the pony need a roommate?!

  4. bixa, you've seen this horse, he's the one outside the gates of our condo... the one with the big schlong. remember? he's quite tubby, actually, which is the one thing i find solace in. however, i've thought about reporting them before, just for keeping him all alone. his hooves aren't that tilted upwards...a little sloped towards the bottom, but definitely longer than most horses with nice shoes. i'll try to get a pick and you tell me.

  5. An apple it is, thanks, HG!

  6. I'm sad when Gracie is upset by lonely horses and asshole bus drivers. And by people who keep their dogs outdoors. Puppehs should live with their peoples.

  7. YOU ARE KILLING ME WITH THE PONY STORY. I am dead, lying on the floor. I just wanted you to know that.

    It makes me sad to see really bad paintings abandoned by the trash. Yes, it's a sucky painting, but someone made it! I wouldn't have the heard to throw it out.

  8. raina- ooh, i fucking hate it when people leave puppies outside too. why have a dog at all?

    P- sorry, i plan to feed it apples today if it makes you feel any better. i hear you on the abandoned paintings. the tosser should at least give it to goodwill.

  9. I'm sad I don't live across the street from a pony. I would hijack that little guy and ride him around my backyard all day long (and feed him, and pet him, and love him, and name him George).

  10. oh, one of my major random sads is seeing very old people (usually women) sitting alone, waiting for busses. it also makes me sad to see them making their way very slowly through crosswalks or pushing their groceries home along the street in a cart.

    i always want to stop and offer a ride, but i know they'd probably be too creeped out to accept, and with reason. this ain't mayberry!

    i also have a hard time when i see a wounded bird, usually a pigeon, which happens often enough. the way they flail around, etc. :(


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