Tuesday, February 03, 2009


The other day, my darling coworker gagged at the mere sight of my spotty bruised banana. She went on to declare her disgust for any fruit of the genus Musa that wasn't the perfect shade of pale green. Of course, to exploit her soft spot for soft brown spots, I told her I had a banana with her name on it.
Later that afternoon, I got hungry and ate it. It's not my fault! It's not like I prefer nasty brown bananas. They're yellow and upstanding before I stick them in my purse. I swear my bag is a banana riper. They get mashed around in there and come out the other end looking all mangled and shit. Some even have zipper marks! They still taste fine. Whateves.

moldy banana gifted by tbsp 
bag by balenciaga
banana by fresh & easy
chair by eames


  1. Ugh, i want an eames chair for our office so badly.

  2. You're too cool for school.

  3. ahahaha. i adore you, you're the best. you're the top banana tbsp.

  4. I like my bananas all brown and spotty. Yummy delicious sugar rush!

  5. You need this soo you stop freaking poor little co workers out :)

  6. @elisa: They are investment pieces. Totally worth it. At least that's how I justify it in my weirdo brain.

    @Raina: Hah! Hardly! How are you today?

    @TBSP: I'm all bruised bananas and rotten apples :( I want to $$$ you!

    @HG: "Kelley" apparently ;) I think they're too gritty.

    @Erin: Really?! Brown ones make the best banana bread. I should post my mom's recipe on here someday.

    @Jess: I love you too! Come and hang out!!! I left you a msg earlier...

    @Janelle: DUDE. AMAZING! I never knew such a wonderful thing even existed! If I don't torture my coworkers, how else will I keep myself entertained?!? You're next, watch out!

  7. Ew... that bananas is gross. Kelley is so right!

  8. I love green bananas, but I understand that my eating them disturbs some people.

  9. When I was a kid I used to write on bananas at night so in the morning my mom would come into the kitchen and see something like, "hello earthling" in the fruit bowl.


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