Wednesday, February 11, 2009


The other day I ate a conversation heart ♥ that said, "FAX ME." I immediately regretted this hasty, shortsighted decision. WTF? Fax me, sexy. Themal paper really turns me on. 

Aren't these candy collages from ffffound super cute? Artificial lemon and lime flavors really make me want to puke though. However, grape is my all time favorite. What's yours?

Most eye candiest movie ever.


  1. black licorice!!! salty sweet.

    i was going to buy finn's classmates candy hearts for their goody bags, then i looked closer and started reading what they said. way inappropriate for the little ones. WAY.

  2. oh you should totally buy those! that reminds me... they have candy at fascinations right?

  3. oh I forgot about Marie Antoinette. What did you think of it? And favorite flavor- strawberry.

  4. i thought it was aesthetically amazing, but lacked real substance. mmm, strawberry is my runner up, followed by banana and mango.

  5. I swear to god we watch the same blogs and I didn't even realize it.

    P.S. In complete agreement about blowing chunks on those gagworthy baby posts. The second one especially. Holy fucking gross.

  6. bixa-

    ffffound is so so ggggood or did you mean fash blogs?

    hahaha, i knew that at least you would agree with me. these were so disgusting.

  7. GRAPE?!? Really?!? I never would've pegged you as a grape person. Grape flavored things remind me of being a child. I'm way into lemon, but lime flavor attacks your throat. Why is lime trying to poison people?

  8. GRAPE, GRACE, only one letter apart! I lurve grape. Grape anything. Remember grape Bubblicious? Big league chew? Bubble tape? Perfect, when we're together you can eat my yellow stuff. Lime leaves the worst after taste. Kinda like this diet Pepsi I'm drinking right now. What gives?

  9. Grace,

    you keep posting links to blogs that I've been reading, and I'm like, "I remember that!". We have good taste in blogs. :D

    Gag, someone has to be all for non breeding. I love our hairdresser because all anti breeding too so we get to have nice rants when it's a-haircuttin' time.


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