Friday, February 13, 2009

Renaming my blog: Fossil Fuels & Dictators

Yesterday morning, I noticed a little microphone next to my Google search bar. Turns out Google finally (?? I didn't even know it existed--I just regurgitate what I read on blogs) added voice search to the G1s. I tested it by asking it to find "woolgathering and miscellany." Either this app needs to be fine tuned or I need to annunciate better. Here are the pretty hilarious search results:

world gasoline and mussolini
walgreen in mystery
wedding in missouri
woolgathering and miscellaneous-- close!!!
world ending in mysteries-- very deep...
woolgathering in mysteries
mortuary and miscellaneous
will gasoline and misdemeanors


  1. world gasoline and mussolini is my fave, although walgreen in mystery is pretty great.

  2. Copyright them all, I say.

  3. walgreen in mystery is a+++. actually they all rule. happy furball!

  4. @sherri: mine too! there were more mussolini ones, but i forgot to write them down and couldn't recreate them again ;) yes. i'm. a. huge. dork.

    @raina: this is the fixed form right? done!

    @not very anon: thanks tbsp. hid from work on msn. sorry i wasn't around. furball was great. slept til noon plus i had a nap!


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